Adventure Romania


Carpathian Chamois

Romania is all about unspoilt nature, huge ancient forests and vast meadows, harbouring flora and fauna of primordial diversity. The landscape is characterised by the wild Carpathian Mountains.
In one of the best hunting areas in Romania we offer a hunt for big chamois to all those who love mountain hunting. In body and trophy size the Carpathian chamois is the largest of all chamois. In the evening you can hunt wild boar from a high seat.

We recommend hunting chamois from October to December. 

Your accommodation will be in the best possible hunting lodge or hotels close to the hunting areas.

No other country in Europe has such a large bear population and nowhere else in Europe are bears as big as in the Romanian Carpathians.
As a result of the present situation in Romania, it is not possible to hunt bears, wolves, lynx and wild cats.

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