Roe Buck

Hungary's roe deer population is unique in Europe. Our areas are ideally suited for hunters who enjoy bagging larger quantities, as well as for those who go after the very best bucks.

We hunt in two regions of Hungary: in our contracted hunting areas surrounding our private hunting lodge, and in eastern Hungary.

As a result of the flat countryside of the hunting areas and the large fields, long-range shots of up to 300 meters are possible. We travel with 4x4 vehicle and as soon as a buck is spotted we try to get close by car or on foot until it is within range.
The roe buck hunt starts mid-April and ends on 30 September. 
We recommend hunting mid-April up to the end of May and from the end of July until mid-August during the rut. From the beginning of June until mid-July hunting is made more difficult by the high vegetation in the large fields.

Your accommodation will be in our private hunting lodge. In Eastern Hungary you can enjoy a relaxing stay in comfortable hotels located in or near the hunting areas. 
In Hungary the roe buck trophy size is calculated by weighing the trophy with the complete skull 24 hours after boiling and cleaning, and then deducting 60-90 grams.