Fallow buck

Hungary also has the world's largest population of fallow bucks and offers first-class trophy size. No other country offers comparable quantity and quality of fallow bucks and trophies.

During the rut in October, hunting is open in our quality hunting areas for first-class bucks. The largest populations are to be found in four different regions. One of these regions with top-quality areas is located in a radius of 40 km around our hunting lodge, while the other ones are in south-east, north-west and north-east of Hungary. One of our hunting estates offers an incredible rut for excellent fallow bucks. Fallow deer doe can also be hunted successfully here after the rut.

Both in the wild and on estates you can count on trophy sizes from 3.5 to 5.5 kg.

In Hungary the fallow stag trophy size is calculated by weighing the trophy with the complete skull 24 hours after boiling and cleaning.