Red Stag

Hungary is truly considered to be the first choice for those wanting to hunt European red stags, whether in free range or on estates. A unique experience is waiting for you in the rut season. 
No other country in Europe offers so many different possibilities to the red stag hunter. Whether you are stalking or shooting from a high seat in our carefully selected hunting areas with a large game population, you have the best opportunity of shooting that red stag of your ambitions. Our private hunting lodge lies in the middle of one of the best free range hunting areas for red stag in Hungary. They are located an hour south of Budapest in the Danube catchment area. Other free range hunting areas are located in southern Hungary and around Lake Balaton. 
We hunt in two of the largest and most natural estates in Hungary.

You can hunt red stags from August to the end of January.  
Enjoy days you will never forget, hunting the king of the forests.
You can count on trophy weights of 7 - 12 kg taken in the wild. On estates you can hunt red stags with a trophy weight of 7 - 19 kg. 
In Hungary the red stag trophy size is calculated by weighing the trophy with the complete skull 24 hours after boiling and cleaning.