Wild Instinct Kft. is your first choice for exclusive hunting of all types of game in beautiful Hungary. 

No other country in Europe has a hunting tradition which goes back so far and can demonstrate such a quantity of game with such outstanding trophy quality. 
You will arrive at Budapest's Liszt Ferenc International Airport where our vehicles will be waiting for you.

Hungary is known for allowing hunting with rifles, muzzle loaders, bow and arrow, as well as hand guns. 
As a provider of quality hunts we will organize first class hunts for you in select quality hunting areas that offer spectacular trophies. In a beautiful landscape of unspoilt nature you will experience an exciting hunt for excellent mature red stags, fallow bucks, roe bucks, mouflon and wild boars, as well as first-class driven boar hunts and small game hunts offering exceptional bags.
The game in Hungary is of a particularly high quality with majestic red and fallow bucks, impressive mouflon, big roe bucks and monster tuskers.
Accommodation is normally in our private and exclusive hunting lodge or in a variety of comfortable to luxurious lodges belonging to the hunting areas, or in excellent hotels close to the hunting areas. Hungary is located in the centre of east Europe and is bordering seven countries; a combination hunt with any of the neighbour countries is possible to organize. A well-organized sightseeing tour in Budapest can be offered. You can stay in any of the five-star hotels Budapest offers. Even you like international or local cuisine, Budapest offers you all of it. The thousand years of history as well as the enormous oversized buildings of Hungary offers you a very interesting sightseeing tour. A combination with a day tour to Vienna can be organized.